Principal Desk

Dear All ,

                   Its matter of great pleasure for me to be with you all as a Principal of Samarth Gurukul CBSE since 2021 of these Samarth Family and all giving me an opportunity to build to shape to mould you all my students, so that you can stand enthusiastically with raised heads in any field to provide your excellent service to our great nation India  and world at large . We teachers are not only teaching but facilitating our students to provide whatever our students wish to know, to learn, to achieve and to develop. We try to inculcate good habits good characteristics and above all human values like honesty, sincerity, punctuality, loyalty , devotion and dedication which is very important to make you an exemplary person to be followed in coming years from generation to generation .

      “As you know Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today “.

              So I will like to say to all my students and all stakeholders in our school to “Learn as much as you can while you are young, since life becomes too busy later”.

                  Our school Management along with dedicated teaching staff. We are taking outmost efforts to pay individual attention on each and every child learning in our school so that everyone should learn language skills , everyone should develop scientific outlook , everyone should have love art and develop aesthetic sense , should learn mathematics to analyse the problems and solve them. Our team of teachers always see that students should be given platform to learn the skills of organising and the same time should be able to present, to express their knowledge she or he has achieved in our school.

We also have to paid special attention o provision of fearless and tense free environment in school, so that learning should be pleasant experience for our students. Learning is based on activities as well as on modern digital means of teaching and learning methods.

               Because of our constant efforts, well planned curriculum and its implementation, we have very good support from students, parents and managements which we expect forever to give our best to our students in all subjects.

God Bless Us All.